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Because of the goodwill, genuine concern and desire to be a part of the Kaierau Rugby Club shown by past members at the 125th Reunion, we have decided to form an Old Boys and Supporters Club. This to be an adjunct to offer both financial and substantive physical support to the Club.  Achieved by:-

* Creating a link within the existing Kaierau webpage which will direct the user to items of general interest concerning the Club.

* Creating a network mailing list through both postal and e-mail addresses to inform members of upcoming events and promotions which may require some participation.

*Where possible,  financially assist the Club through promotions by the Old Boys and Supporters Club, thereby broadening the financial liability and responsibility to a wider audience.

*To be part of this network a nominal annual fee of $40.00 will be levied (in effect a subscription which allows honorary membership and to enjoy being part of the Kaierau Rugby Football Club). The first payment will be for the period ending 31st December 2018

 We've got a great clubhouse, fantastic facilities and tremendous support from members current and past. Hopefully our communications will result in seeing you all back at the club from time to time but if that is not possible, then the likes of our newsletters and photo galleries will give you an insight into what is happening from one week to the next.

The first part of this page has to be kept intact for new viewers to see what we are striving to achieve. For users of this site, hopefully you are clicking in to the banners at the top. Next to this one is News and next to that is Newsletter. If you click in to these it will give you up to date information. Through the season the website will regularly be updated and you will also receive regular emails if you are on our list. If you are not receiving an email please advise us of your email address and also spread the word to all other past players of Kaierau that you may know. A $40 subscription to the Old Boys club enables us to keep this site updated and also helps the club out immensely.

We invite you to join the Kaierau 'Old Boys and Supporters' Club as a first start to building that dialogue.

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